Characteristics of Effective Learning

Positive Relationships - This theme is about the children learning to manage their feelings and build friendships. We will respect all needs of families and aim to develop a positive two way relationship with parents and their children. We will support, listen and work with children to help them learn. A key person will look after each child.


Enabling Environments - This theme is about practitioners planning for and checking on each child's progress. We will involve parents and the local community. We will ensure that both inside and outside environments are safe, interesting, and engaging. We will proactively support children to move on working as a team to ensure they succeed.


Learning and Developing - This theme is about how the children learn through play and exploration with adult support for each individual. We will encourage the children to develop their imagination, to get actively involved in learning and making decisions. We will develop the children's creative and critical thinking balancing the need for both the children and adults to lead the learning.


Here is a useful link to some Early Years nursery songs to share with your children.

Preschool Fees

£5.60 per hour or £6.00 for a two year old

We accept the 15 hours a week funding for 3/4 year olds.

Please contact us for more information on funded 2 year olds.

30 hours Early Years funding  please enquire for more information.


Little Badgers have a Good ofsted rating.


Little Badgers Ofsted Inspection

carried out in October 2018



Read our information on services for children with special educational needs and disability


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